Herbal Remedies    
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Helpful Herbs and Foods


To calm an upset stomach, to help relax.

If you have a hyperactive child, put him or her into a bathtub with camomile.

It also has anti-inflamatory properties:

  You can use it on your eyes with a little cotton.

(but remember, see a doctor if any adverse symptons persist more than three days)



They help improve and increase your memory, your brain functions.

Apples have acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. A very important component for the brain's health. Have an apple a day.



Works as an anti-inflamatory, also great for digestion.

Helpful Hints for Symptons


A glass of warm milk will produce serotonin, to help you sleep.

Can also prepare a jar, place inside some cut onions, and place the jar in the refrigerator. If you cannot sleep, go and smell the onions.


Colds and the Flu

The best cure is chicken soup with garlic.


High blood pressure

A teaspoon of vinegar in half a cup of water every morning, for more than two weeks, or as long as necessary.



Chicken soup.

For Good Health and Longevity

Practice any form of meditation.

Practice breathing exercises; and any form of exercise, such as Tai-Chi, Qi Qong, or Aikido if you are younger.

Herbal teas are best prepared with very clean purified water.  
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