Tsunami One
  Paris V. Podgorski, November 15, 2007  
  © 2007 Paris V. Podgorski  

They won't want to hear all I'll have to say
They'll try to kill me cuz i won't take their pay
You must know of my mazes, my visions, and gazes
All i have seen sleeps in my heart
Night after night i am torn apart
My love never leaves my hungry side
Then there's these voices, washed in with the tide
My power is caring, my gift is my heart
Whatever should happen, you gave me my start
I loved the illusions but they scared me to death
Drowning in nightmares of failing a test
You break the chain, take a brick from my wall
Every time that i see u, each time u call
I hope i can see u when this is all through
I surrender to Goodness, that's all i can do
I need you and I love you so much
My Special Souls Blessing Me with your touch
Together Forever we grow our seeds
Helping each other fulfill all our needs
I'll see you in Heaven where we will all be
Together Forever, for Eternity......

-- Paris 1991

  Love Each other Or Perish

Bless those for whom today is going to be
a difficult day....
those who will have pain to bear...
those visited by sorrow and tragedy...
those who will have to make difficult decisions
or have to perform difficult tasks....
those who have no shoulders to lean on
or purpose to live for.

Lead them, Lord
from danger to safety
from lies to truth
from fear to faith
from grief to compassion
from hate to love.

Fill our hearts with your peace...
and make us wounded healers
in your name
and in your world.....


May angels go before you
making sure your path is freed
of trouble,stress,and worry
of times of doubt and need

And may angels gently follow
making sure you always know
their loving care goes with you
every single place you go......

  Oh Great Spirit
Let your voice whisper righteousness in our ear
through the west wind in the late of the day
Let us be comforted with love for our brothers
and Sisters with no war

Let us hold good health mentally and physically
to solve our problems and accomplish something
for future generations of life

Let us be sincere to ourselves and our youth
and make the world a better place to live...

  Trying again, that's the difference between winning and losing...  
  I release everything that blocks me in this endevor from my past ,my present, and my future...
May i awaken from the dream of my inadequate self!!!!
  There is only good!!!!  

I Love You love yourself! Love each other! Love!


"Ignorance is no longer Bliss"

-- Paris V. Podgorski, 2007


"... the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat."

-- Lily Tomlin




"Nothing really matters anymore"

-- Queen